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The KITA Washington Center advocates for KITA member corporations by collecting pertinent information, staying abreast of trade policy developments and fostering interaction with key trade-related interest groups in Washington, D.C.

As the only private trade association representing Korea in greater Washington DC area, the KITA Washington Center is committed speaking for Korean trade corporations and supporting trade policies and legislation that are in the interest of KITA member companies. The KITA Washington Center develops cooperative activities with think tanks located in Washington. The KITA Washington Center has developed strong relationships with top academics and policymakers, allowing it promote the issues that matter the most to Korean trade corporations.

Additionally, the KITA Washington Center employs prominent law and consulting firms to enhance its work performance. KITA Washington not only conveys up-to-the-minute trade developments to KITA member companies but also helps forge government-relations activities through strategic partnerships with firms and agents that provide KITA with the "inside Washington"perspective on key trade issues.

Korea International Trade Association Washington Center spearheads private trade diplomacy in the United States and is committed to expanding Korean trade and investment in America.

Main Services

Washington DC is committed to the following activities to promote bilateral trade relationship between Korea and USA .

   01. Collecting trade & investment information
  • Research main trends of trade policy of U.S Department of Commerce, USTR, and other trade-related agencies.
  • Research the main legislation trends of the U.S. Congress
  • Monitoring U.S situation related to WTO & other international organizations
  • Understanding the trend of import restrictions of the U.S and setting up countermeasures
  • Research trade policies of competing countries such as Japan, EU & China
  • Research main sector-specific trade issues such as textile, steel, automobile, etc.
   02. Trade and investment cooperation activity
  • Cooperative activity with the person in charge of trading in U.S board of trade, USTR, Department of Commerce, etc, as well as in the State and Local Governments
  • Cooperative activity with the person in charge of legislation in the Congress
  • Cooperative activity with Brookings Institution, the Heritage Foundation & other think tanks
  • Cooperative activity with the person in charge of main competing countries such as Japan & EU
  • Enhancing the cooperation with industry interest groups such as automobiles & IT
   03. Supporting trade & investment cooperation activity
  • Supporting local activities of government or private trade delegation
  • Supporting local activities of export related organizations
  • Supporting local activities of market development groups & survey groups
  • Supporting local activities of member firms.

Contact Information & Location

  • Representative : hak hee  Cho(
  • Address : 1660 L Street NW, Suite 401, Washington, DC 20036 USA
  • Tel. 1-202-828-9282~6
  • Fax. 1-202-828-9287
  • E-mail :