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KITA New York Office was established in the economic capital of US, New York City in 1967 with the purpose of escalating trade between Korea & U.S by promoting international cooperation, and supporting Korean-U.S export oriented companies and branches in America.
Founded with 105 members, KITA has grown over the years to represent more than 90,000 member companies involved in international trade and is engaged in the promotion of Korea's international trade and expansion of Korea's role in the World economy. KITA New York Office plays a key role in U.S market entry by supporting trading business of 350 member firms in U.S and market development of small and medium enterprises.

KITA New York Office provides its member companies and organizations with services related to promotion of international trade including market research, policy recommendations, and trade promotion services designed to facilitate trade activity between Korea and US as its main duty. Furthermore, we also provides trade information and consultation on matters including U.S. economy and trade policy trends, trade-related rules and regulations, procedures for exporting/importing, technology development, and taxation within U.S.

KITA New York Office, as the "guide of trade toward America", will play an important role for trading firms in your neighborhood.

Main Services

KITA Brussels Center is committed to the following activities to promote bilateral trade relationship between Korea and the EU & EFTA countries.

   01. Research Activity

  • Research on U.S market penetration plan for export favorable commodities.
  • Research on export prospect toward U.S market.
  • Research on international competitiveness status of Korean products
  • Research on monthly trend of U.S trade
  • Research on economic indicator of U.S
  • Monitoring U.S economy & trade information
   02. Trade development Activity
  • Supporting Korean export oriented company to participate local exhibition in U.S
  • Attracting buyers in U.S. to involve in domestic professional exhibitions in Korea.
  • Operating trade & industry business council
  • Understanding the problems and difficulty between Korea and U.S trade, and proposing its solution
  • Organizing trade related conference & seminar
   03. International cooperation Activity
  • Strengthening business cooperation & relation with trade related organization in U.S
  • Participating in trade related international conference & seminar
  • Participating in international fairs & exhibitions
  • Supporting local activity of market development groups & survey groups in U.S
   04. Membership service business
  • Advising import & export information and providing buyers information
  • International Sourcing Center
  • Operating & managing Homepage
  • Developing trading manpower

Contact Information & Location

  • Representative : Jungseok  Choi (
  • Address : Korea International Trade Association (KITA)
                460 Park Ave, Suite 400  New York, NY 10022
  • Tel. 212-421-8804(ext.205)
  • Fax. 212-223-3827
  • E-mail :