In the course of expanding the relationship between the two countries,
we realized that strengthening state-level and regional-level cooperation
would lead to further expansion of national-level cooperation ultimately.
With that conviction, we forged our first state-level Economic Cooperation Agreement with the State of Washington in 1980 and the number has grown to more than 30 over the two decades. In the meantime, we also devoted ourselves to bolstering regional-level ties by forming Economic Cooperation Committees with the Southeast U.S. , Pacific U.S. , Mid-west U.S., Mid-south U.S., and New England U.S. regions.

The United States has contributed enormously to the economic development of Korea in the past several decades. Despite recent global economic downturn and difficulties facing our two nations, the United States still remains our major trading partner and closest ally.

As it is expected that Korea-US FTA will promote market liberalization, reduce trade barriers and pave the way for more business opportunities between Korea and the U.S. , KUSEC hopes to continue its role as a bridge of understanding that binds the two nations together.
I hope that this web-site will help you have a better understanding of the role of KUSEC, and we promise to do our best in serving you most effectively.